Phil Sanders filming a virtual lecture at the Toledo Museum of Art with curator Robin Reisenfeld in the Spring of 2020.

Phil Sanders has lectured at museums, universities, and community art centers both nationally and internationally, all with the same focus in mind, to advocate for prints and their makers and to elucidate the sometimes mysterious world of the arts.  The story of art is the human story, and printmaking has often been the key to unlocking and documenting it. Typical lecture topics include:

The History of Art & Printmaking – From a Maker’s Perspective

Contemporary Art, Artists, and Practice

Collaborative Fine Art Printmaking

Art Collection & Patronage

To inquire about your specific area of interest, book a lecture, or inquire about scheduling, fees, and contracts, please contact phil@psmarlowe.com.

The History of Art & Printmaking – From a Maker’s Perspective

Printmaking has a rich 1350 year tradition that began in China and fanned out across the globe and over the centuries. As technologies and cultures evolved, so to did the means by which artists could communicate. Printmaking allowed their voices to survive, persist, and multiply. Prints by their nature are portable and made to last, offering humans their long sought chance at immortality. Phil Sanders lectures on the history of art through the lens of printmaking as an industrial and creative art both in person, and on digital platforms for students, artists, and collectors.

Contemporary Art, Artists, and Professional Practice

In today’s fast paced, ever-changing contemporary art market, it can be difficult for artists, educators, and collectors alike to discern where best to direct their attention, let alone carve out time for studio work, studio visits, marketing, and “business time.” Artists, educators, and collectors are often pulled in many different directions at once, and the need to do it all can feel overwhelming.  Phil Sanders offers lectures on navigating the contemporary art market with confidence and on the business of art for artists, art enthusiasts, and collectors, that cover current trends in the art market and the professional practice of  today’s working artists.  Both in-person and virtual instruction is available for both individuals and groups.

Collaborative Fine Art Printmaking

The field of collaborative fine art printmaking began in the middle 16th century and has evolved to become an art form unto itself. Phil Sanders routinely lectures on the development of the field, as well as on influential publishers and printers, such as Robert Blackburn, Universal Limited Art Editions, The printmaking Workshop, The Printmaking Renaissance, House of the Four Winds, David Krut Workshop, and the evolving role of collaborating printers. As a collaborating master printer himself, who has worked with or directed some of the most influential print studios in the US over the past twenty-five years, he enjoys sharing his passion for a field that has so deeply affected his life and the lives of many others. Both in-person and virtual instruction available is for both individuals and groups.

Collecting Art & Patronage

Artists need their audience.  The life of an artwork truly begins once it has been released out into the world, and artists cannot survive without the support of art collectors, patrons, and their community. The gradual process of moving from art enthusiast, to art collector, and ultimately to art patron can be intimidating, yet hopefully exhilarating.  Phil Sanders enjoys mentoring both seasoned and budding art collectors, providing guidance and education on everything from print processes and print identification to navigating the contemporary and historic print market.  Sanders is available for everything from traditional lectures, to museum archive tours, art fair walking tours, and artist studio visits.  Sanders enjoys working closely with museum acquisition committees, patrons groups, collecting clubs, and non-profits on programming and enrichment events.

Past Lectures & Talks

Episode 494

Air Date: April 22, 2021

On this episode of the Modern Art Notes podcast I am interviewed by Tyler Green about my book Prints and Their Makers.  Jennifer Roberts is also featured on this episode discussing her Mellon Lectures at The National Gallery in Washington DC.

Listen Here

Air Date: January 27, 2021

Listen to the interview between Phil Sanders and The Print Cast founder, Nick Naughton, on Sander’s book, Prints and Their Makers.

Listen to:       Part 1     &     Part 2

Episode 80

Air Date: March 3, 2021

On this Episode of Pine Copper Lime Phil Sanders is interviewed by PCL founder Miranda Metcalf about Sander’s book Prints and Their Makers, the current print market and the future of print publishing.

Listen Here

Printmaking – MoMA Ten-Minute Talk

Overview on Robert Blackburn’s Printing Workshop

Robert Blackburn’s Printing Workshop: Part 1 of 3

Robert Blackburn’s Printing Workshop: Part 2 of 3

Robert Blackburn’s Printing Workshop: Part 3 of 3

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About Phil Sanders

Phil Sanders is a leading master printer based in Asheville, North Carolina with over twenty years of experience lecturing, educating, and advocating for prints and their makers.  He has collaborated with celebrated artists on prints housed in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Library of Congress, among many other institutions.

You can contact Phil at phil@psmarlowe.com or 631.252.4270.

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