Author’s Edition – $195

The author’s edition includes an original, hand-printed, limited edition fine art lithograph by Phil Sanders, a certificate of authenticity, and a first run copy of Prints and Their Makers signed by the author.

Special edition artwork is currently in production. Follow along on Instagram @phil_sanders_studio for a sneak peek at this and other upcoming projects.

Lithography Stone being Ground

Pre-order now for shipment in November 2020.


Image by Phil Sanders
Signed and numbered single color stone lithograph
Hand-drawn, printed, and published by the artist

Edition Description

Edition Size: 100
Artist Proofs: 10
BAT: 1
Printer’s Proofs: 2
Studio Impressions: 2

Total Number of Impressions: 115

About Phil Sanders

Phil Sanders is a leading master printer based in Asheville, North Carolina with over twenty years of experience lecturing, educating, and advocating for prints and their makers.  He has collaborated with celebrated artists on prints housed in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Library of Congress, among many other institutions.

You can contact Phil at or 631.252.4270.

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