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At its core, art is a manifestation of human creative potential. We don’t need art to survive, but we need it to live. Art nurtures the creativity and ingenuity present in all of us, our most important tools for survival. Without our creativity, our drive to communicate with one another, and our ability to dream, humanity would have ceased to exist long ago.

In all of his educational endeavors, from studio classes, to art business classes, to art history courses, Sanders focuses on the why. Sanders believes that no question should go unasked and no detail is too small to explore. Programs for students, artists, supporters, collectors, and enthusiasts include: printmaking processes and techniques, art fundamentals, art business, and professional practice, among others.

To learn more or to schedule group or individual instruction in your studio or virtually, please contact phil@psmarlowe.com.

Printmaking Process & Techniques Education

Sanders possesses in-depth training in all of the major printmaking processes and has taught students of all levels from beginning to advanced in the areas of: Lithography, Intaglio, Relief, Screenprint, Photogravure, Chine Collé, Monotype and Monoprint, Multiprocess Printing, Color Separations, Drawing for Printmaking, Art Fundamentals, Conservation, Storage, Shop Design, and Tool, Materials, and Press Maintenance.

Sanders utilizes each of the above techniques in collaboration with artists who may or may not have had any prior experience with the medium, and enjoys training prospective and practicing printers to expand the repertoire of processes they use in collaboration with other artists. Sanders will gladly provide group or individual workshops, courses, process tutorials, troubleshooting sessions, and technical reviews at your university, community workshop, or personal studio or from his workshop to yours via zoom.

The Business of Art

In order to survive and thrive in today’s multi-layered, fast paced art market, artists, who rarely receive any formal business training, must function as their own small business. The burden of sales, marketing, and branding, in addition to art production, sits squarely on their shoulders. Sanders introductory course to the artist as a small business, Business Time, is designed to help artists at any stage of their career to understand what they do, why they do it, and how to develop a plan of action and set that plan in motion to achieve their creative goals. This course is beneficial for newly graduated students, emerging, mid-career, and established artists who are ready to take their career to the next level.

Introduction to Printmaking

Introduction to Relief Printmaking

Relief Process

Introduction to Intaglio

Intaglio Process

Introduction to Lithography

Lithography Process

About Phil Sanders

Phil Sanders is a leading master printer based in Asheville, North Carolina with over twenty years of experience lecturing, educating, and advocating for prints and their makers.  He has collaborated with celebrated artists on prints housed in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Library of Congress, among many other institutions.

You can contact Phil at phil@psmarlowe.com or 631.252.4270.

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